93TrHave you ever thought about all of the things you think you missed in life? Are you one of those people who live life with a string of regrets? If this is you, than you want to continue to read this article.

Over the years I have counseled with men and women who feel their lives are not as wonderful on the inside as it appears on the outside. They live a life secretly wishing or wondering what would have happened “If.”  If they had gone to that school, or moved to that city, married or even married someone else.

When we live from a place of regret we never measure up to our own expectations thereby creating this vastness of “would’ve, could’ve or should’ves.”  God created us to be decision makers and co-creators.

It is difficult to appreciate the present moment when we are so depressed about our past decisions.

This article will address those “regrets” and assist you in becoming mobilized again to capture your true course and essence in life.

Turn Your Regrets Into Winning With Confidence Here 

First, think about the things you regret you have not done or the places you did not go.

List those things in the order of their importance to you.

Then review your list to see which of those things can still be done. For instance, a trip to New York when you were a teenager.  Think about how you could plan that trip now and take notes as to how you can still take such a trip. I know you will think but there may have been an opportunity there at the age of 16 that you do not have today.  This could very well be true, however it does not mean there are not other opportunities that are just as wonderful as the one you think you missed out on.

Perhaps you feel you married the wrong person, and you took your marriage vows seriously and want your marriage to work. Consider this: Think about all of the qualities you admire in the person you married which led to your decision to marry them.  List those qualities and see that person in the light of each of the positive attributes on your list.   When we focus on things that are good, lovely, just, pure and virtuous we began to experience what we are thinking about . Once you shift the way you see your spouse you shift your perception and your response to them.  This may require more work for some than others, but if you truly want your marriage to work; I am sure it will be well worth the effort.

As you continue to create this list be diligent and attentive to what you can do to work toward mastering what you wish you had done and what you can still do now.

Do not settle for “It cannot be done.” If you desire something and follow the path God has ordained for you; you will either see it manifested or you will change your mind about it or you will change your mind altogether.  Either way, you will discover a peace that passes understanding and live a life fully and completely without regret.

Once you are free of Regrets you will learn to once again be thankful in all things. Your new found attitude of gratitude will emerge and your life will be move forward with great expectations by living in the moment. Not in the past or the future.