I was so overtaken by my own experiences and personal encounters with clients and friends; I wanted to speak to these outrageous,  and egregious behaviors of preachers, politicians, teachers and others who hold high powered positions.

If this sounds a bit emotional; well it is!  When I see support go out for people who have violated; pushes my buttons in a major way. Maybe you stay cool when you hear a man who has served in office for years or a pastor/priest violating the office through seduction and betrayal; but not I! If Jesus could go through the temple with a scourging cord; I wonder what He thinks about such acts of violence?

How many of us have either been or have known someone who is a victim of sexual abuse? The majority I would say are women and children.

Sadly, there is still a “shame and guilt complex” on the side of the victim when exposing such secrets. Children are threatened with acts of harm toward themselves and/or family members if they tell. Women are threatened with a loss of job or position.

In recent years there has been more and more women and men who are coming forth with their stories of being victimized by these predators.

A predator is anyone who violates the person of another. It does not exempt preachers or politicians. Because these individuals are in such powerful positions; we have a right to hold them to a higher standard. This is one of those sensitive areas for me.

I have been a pastor, an elementary school counselor, an elementary school teacher, a special education liaison, a mobile therapist and behavior specialist; I think I have an opinion here.

When most people hear the words “Sexual Abuse,” they tend to run and hide. The openly discuss such things seem to be taboo in most cultures. We must change that, and change that now. Children are told to keep it secret; thereby creating a plethora of psychological and emotional issues. Issues, that they take into the world exploding at a time when no one expected.
Sexual abuse must be exposed and expelled from our society. I think we have a right to expect more from our leaders. They should be held accountable for their acts of violence. When are we going to realize men do not own a woman’s body. Our bodies belong to God, and they should be respected not only by ourselves but those around us.
When the law allows a celebrity to walk away; it sends the message to the world that as long as you have enough money and enough influence you can walk free after committing such a shameful act.
I am venting a bit here, but that is okay. I am fed up with it being okay and we as Christian think we can sit back and let God take over this world. God gave man dominion and Jesus took it back from the thief who stole it. Now we have it back. What are we going to do with it? Leave it to the government to fix?
I think not. I think we need to think about who we vote for. I think we need to pray for who we want in office. I think we need to stand together as human beings realizing that it is okay to disagree on somethings, however, we must all agree to keep our children safe. We must agree that stronger laws are needed to support abused and battered women. Stronger punishment for rapist and child molester should be implemented. I make no apologies for this stand. At least, I am taking one.
What is your stand? What is your opinion? Will you make a difference? Will you stand?