Everyone has a cellphone including our children. We are all on electronic devices on a constant basis. We use it to fill empty time instead of talking to others next to us. We quickly become someone else on the internet. We can be anyone we want to be.

Technology has taken over the world and we have truly become disconnected from ourselves and who we really are.

What really happens to us when we jump into our cell phones and stop thinking about the life we REALLY lead? DrFaye is a  World Traveler and Social Media Strategist, who uses her experience to expresses her unique perspective on the topic of social media and how it can destroy lives.

Dr. Faye Wilson can answer the following questions:

* How can social media wreck havoc on our lives?

* What steps can we take to achieve balance in our lives?

* What ways can we protect our youth against the consequences of social media?

* How can we find our true selves again?