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Meet DrFaye your Speaker

Dr. Faye (DrFaye) Wilson is a highly respected CEO of New Covenant Television Network (NCTN) impacting the world with her influence as a sought after Global Anointed Messenger.  She is a Multi-Media Personality with a strong and consistent passion to empower men and women with Spiritual Mental, and Emotional Healing. Qualified with a Doctorate in Holistic Theology, her modalities are used to delayer and strengthen the Spirit, Soul and Body. Thereby, creating a space for major and cataclysmic shifts in individuals.

As a Spiritual Personal Development Coach and Strategist many testify to learning how to live fully and love unconditionally in their every day, waking, walking and talking lives. As a Television Talk Show Host, she engages men and women from every genre to share their stories and ignite passion into her audiences around the world.

She is the Chancellor for the Global Academy International a fully accredited online Bible College. DrFaye and her team of passionate believers are focused on the mission to teach, train and deploy men and women to live the life they were born to live.

Her passion and influence have landed her guest spots on syndicated national and international Radio and Television Talks and News Shows including Chicago Morning News, Malcolm Out Loud, The Jim Brickman Show, Rhett Palmer “The Mayor of the Airways”, IHeart Radio and dozens of others.  

As  the founder and CEO of New Covenant Television Network (NCTN) is a faith- based vision for Smart Television Technology on Roku, Amazon, Apple TV, Samsung, Zingo TV, VEOTT, and more.

Her specialized interests include Lifestyle Changes, Personal Development, Inspirational and Spiritual Empowerment Messages.

Books: The Desperate Daughters of Destiny

              Fatal Distraction: Steal-Kill- Destroy

             Jazzy Shoes: Children Book

            Our Father’s DNA- Switched at Birth

             Our Father’s DNA-It Is Finished



  • Looking for a dynamic speaker, motivator, and educator
  • Thinking about hiring a speaker or coach to teach and motivate your audience or workforce
DrFaye is in the business of “Making Businesses Better” through Participatory workshops, conferences and Seminars that will “build bridges” across racial and social class boundaries.


As host of “The DrFaye Show,” a television broadcast, her guests have included many corporate and civic leaders. DrFaye has enjoyed television and radio appearances for many years and has co-hosted such shows as the syndicated talk show “Crime Talk America.” DrFaye has traveled around the country and abroad teaching in conferences, seminars and workshops. Many organizations have engaged DrFaye as a speaker for their in-service programs.


Seminars, Community Presentations, Contract Negotiations Board Participation, Team Facilitation, and Member Management
As the CEO of Dr. Faye & Company Inc. a Professional Consultant Company, she serves small business owners throughout the United States.
As an entrepreneur, DrFaye is an aggressive and innovative engineer in the creation of “Business Building Branding and Broadcasting.”™ A system that allows small business owners to go from zero to veteran through creating an online marketable presence.


Designed and taught a curriculum for the welfare department to work programs at Stanley County Community College
Taught public school in Arkansas, Texas, and Pennsylvania
Certified Special Education Counselor for Elementary School Students
Developed and taught seminars in hundreds of small group settings including civic and nonprofit organizations.
Served as Elementary School Principal Lead Person in Charge for George Washington Elementary School.


DrFaye has devoted a great deal of her professional career within the mental and emotional health fields. These areas include Life Skills Services, Emotional Support Services, Multiple Disabilities, Stress Management, Anger Management, Behavior Assessments, Academic and Crisis Interventions. DrFaye is also a Counselor and Mentor for local Shelters for Battered Women and a prison ministry, Men and Women in Transition. These experiences have enabled DrFaye to understand the psychological dynamics within nonprofit, educational, and corporate settings.


Founder and Senior Pastor of The Global Church, Inc., Church on the Rock in North Carolina, The Global Church in Texas, and The Global Church Live in Pennsylvania; CEO of DrFaye & Company, Inc. Executive Producer and Host for “Empower Me Now,” and “DrFaye Live!” Radio Talk Shows.
CEO of DrFaye’s School of Destiny.
Producer and Host for seven years for the Philadelphia based “DrFaye Talk Show”.
As a specialist in behavior management, DrFaye has successfully changed the lives of those with special needs:
Director for the Women, Infant and Children’s Program (WIC)
Founder and President of Women of Destiny, Men of Purpose, and The Empowerment Clinic, and Rebirth Counseling and Educational Services.
Founder Citizens Action Committee working to create government for and by the people in rural communities
Founder and Supporter of Farmers Economic Recovery Programs seeking resources to assist farmers in keeping and maintaining structure.


Presenting a strong and consistent academia for
personal growth and self-empowerment, the following
list provides additional academic history:
Earned B.S., University of Arkansas graduated Magna cum Laude
Completed postgraduate work at University of Arkansas School for Medical Sciences
Earned Doctorate in Holistic Health, the American Institute of Holistic Theology, Birmingham, Alabama
Earned M.S., Religious Science, Denver,
Earned Ph.D. Philosophy, Denver, Colorado


_ A member of the Pennsylvania Counselors Association
_ A member of The Apostolic Connection International
_ A member of the Pastoral Psychology Institute
Personal references are available upon requests.


DrFaye proudly extends her leadership acuity to her community and has a true passion for charitable endeavors benefitting youths and children. She has worked extensively with battered women shelters and supports efforts to create additional shelters throughout the country.
Her affinity for giving back to her community stems from the guidance and support she received from her church, community, and schools when she was growing up in a small country community.
One of her goals is to establish a foundation to support homeless children globally.

DrFaye has traveled to both East and West Africa ministering to the needs of children. She plans to continue her mission in building a village to educate and train children on how to be successful no matter where they live.

Skilled presenter, communicator, and trainer with success targeting large community groups, impacting organizational performance and reputation.