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Radio Talk Show Host, James Lowe

Today’s topic “Tweets of Destruction”

A bizarre social media post caused some chaos in the NFL draft Wednesday night. Offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil of Ole Miss was ranked by many as the best player in the draft. Teams were scared off by a video posted to Tunsil’s Twitter account that showed him apparently smoking marijuana out of a bong-gas mask contraption.

The video was quickly deleted, but it just showed the world how social media can be a monster that can destroy professional careers. This unfortunate set of circumstances prompts an emphasis on social media awareness and account privacy.

Dr. Faye Wilson, World Traveler and Social Media Strategist, uses her experience to expresses her unique perspective on the topic of social media and how it can destroy careers.



Dr. Faye Wilson can answer the following questions:

* How can social media wreck havoc on collegiate careers?

* Are there any laws or rules that prohibit usage on social media sites?

* What ways can we protect our youth against the consequences of social media?

* Will this problem continue to get worse before it gets better?

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