giraffe-614141In the early years of our life cycle we are taught social interactions. We are trained to be respectful of the differences we find in other people. Somewhere along the way from Kindergarten to adulthood; we shift from respecting those differences to becoming critical of anyone who does think or look like us.

Have you noticed how children regardless of race or gender get into the same sandbox and play? Watch how they compete for and then share the same toys.  While it is true that some children tend to more territorial than others; most children give way to their counterparts rather quickly and easily.

The bible has references to becoming as a child in order to enter the Kingdom. It seems many of us lose that tenderness and warmth that comes along with being born. Even though we most often judge ourselves to  be “freedom thinkers” that is not what is always projected.

More and more we see and hear of people who tend to think they are somehow better or more superior to others.  The tendency to see an advanced degree, more money, better clothing, house, car or skin color defines an individual remains prevalent in the western world.

If we were to stop and do a little thinking, we would indeed come to the realization that everyone will go by way of the grave. Death has no special friends. I have been to far too many funerals to believe otherwise.

While we are busy criticising and analyzing each other; time continues to make a statement. The statement that reads ” Time is passing and no one can slow it down or stop it!”

Regardless of your financial status or who you think you are; death will come and there is no time for criticism or judgement against another fellow human being.

Spending your time being critical or demeaning does not serve you and will ultimately yield a harvest that you will not wish to reap. Looking down your nose at anyone is a statement that you are not feeling positive about your own life. In order to reverse this is to reverse what you are saying and doing that will cause hurt or harm to any fellow human being.

Looking down your nose at someone is a sign of your own insecurity. Speaking evil of another person reveals one’s own character. As long as you see evil, evil pursues.

Allow yourself to see the good in everyone even those people who have behaved badly.  We do not shift our thinking to change the other person; we shift our thinking to change ourselves.

Be respectful toward everyone you meet. Respond in unexpected ways and surprise everyone even yourself with a positive outlook on everything.

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