Marketing from the Stage


How would you like to be able to travel around the world, share your passion on stage before enthusiastic audience – and hey… get paid to teach what you LOVE!

As you are reading this, countless teachers are out there getting paid to talk about their passion and teaching others their trade. That can very well be YOU.

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What You Will Learn:

Module #1: GOAL SETTING – How to Deliver a Simple, High Impact Message

The 3 M’s that define your killer presentation! M _____, M _____ and M ______
Beginner’s guide to designing a professional content-rich presentation in 30 minutes
How to design a presentation that leaves a deep impact on your audience. It’s not about the words you say but HOW you deliver them – and I show you how to do just that


Module #2: How to Be a Superstar Speaker in 3 Days

Simple but powerful confidence building techniques (for the timid and the introvert!)
How to overcome your mental barriers especially if you are preparing for your first public speaking experience. Even if you haven’t had a fantastic history of speaking on stage, I will help you overcome your deep rooted fears
Techniques on how to deal two of the most common problems when taking the stage: finishing before your time is up – and running over the schedule
A super simple method to overcome ‘brain farts’ i.e. when you’re stuck in the middle of your speech. This can be an embarrassing moment on stage and here’s how to avoid it
Step-by-step training to become an able public speaker in just 3 days


Module #3: Techniques to Compelling Speaking & Handling The Audience

C___ T_ A_____: This is the difference between a goal-driven presentation and a normal speech (and also what makes money)
How to move crowds and wow your audience
3 keys to delivering high impact messages to your audience
How to handle difficult people and confrontational individuals (skip this and you will risk having your presentation controlled by the audience instead!)
And more tips to enhance your presentation


Module #4: Marketing From The Stage

How to market your HIGH-END, BACK-END program from stage and make 10 to 20 times more than from your information business… in just one hour!
Little-known special pre-empt technique to increase your conversions in the hall
Step-by-step formula to sell your back-end offer
Credibility boosting ways to increase your offer’s perceived value
And much more within this module…


Module #5: How to Fill The Room

3 main, powerful ways to fill the room and sit in targeted participants before your seminar
Low-Cost, High-Converting traffic methods that target your audience around your area to attend your upcoming seminar
How and where to tap into existing pools of prospects in other people’s database – and market to them!
No Money Down Approach: how to get other people to tell OTHER people about your seminar
And much more within this module…


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