Recurring Income from Shopify

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How About Making MORE Money With Shopify Every Month?
In this book, we’re going to look at some of the different ways you can earn money from your site using Shopify. You’ll do this by creating a membership site but also by selling subscriptions to other things – things like email courses and discount memberships.

Product Description

Here’s a list of all the subjects this book tackles…

  • Introduction to Shopify and Passive Recurring Income
  • What is Passive Recurring Income?
  • How to Make Recurring Income with Shopify
  • What is Shopify?
  • Getting Started
  • Adding Apps
  • Apps to Use to Collect Recurring Payments
  • Types of Products To Sell on Subscriptions for Recurring Income
  • Subscription Sites
  • Newsletters and Ezines
  • Courses
  • Web Apps
  • Physical Products
  • How to Promote Your Shopify Subscription Site – Tips and Tricks to Get More Paying Members
  • Internet Marketing for Ecommerce
  • How to Get More Subscribers
  • Other Tools for Shopify
  • Other Ways to Provide Subscriptions with Physical and Digital Products


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