The Brain is an organ that serves as the center of the central nervous center. Let’s just say it is the headquarters for our souls.  The brain receives information from the rest of the body and interprets that information and sends the signals to the organs and extremities to operate. The brain helps control vital operations such as breathing, blood pressure and the release of hormones to control certain chemicals in our body.

Thus, making the brain the most vital organ in our bodies.

Most of us have heard the term “Brain Dead”, well it is true once the brain stops performing its duties, the rest of the body will soon follow. This makes it extremely important for us to address the study and use of the brain to empower you to do more with your BRAIN.

Since the inception of the computer age; we have been bombarded with more and more gadgets and gizmos to use our brains.  Daily we are engaged in online meetings, conferences and submits. We are connecting with people from around the world via social media. We praise the inventors of the phones that keep us engaged and our minds are now flooded with information that will forever change our DNA and RNA,

sold-ideaWhat have we done to our Brain!?

The question arise what will happen in the next few years to those who do not understand what it will take to keep our brains from “freezing” or exploding?  Should be have a plan of action when we set down to the computer? Should be have restrictions for our children as to how much time is healthy?

Rather than waiting on scientific evidence to reach a conclusion; what about common sense?

The things we learned in Sunday School?  The snippets of wisdom passed on to us by our parents and grand-parents? Those little “Ah-Ha” moments that transformed our thinking into substance? Those are the true common sense approaches to life.

GPS Dumb

I remember the first time I used a GPS. It was one more amazing tool. I had purchased one of those handheld systems from a local electronic store and I thought it was the very best thing in the world!

And then one day as I was driving; the system instructed me to turn left. I looked and saw it was a one way street going right.  I knew I could not completely depend on the GPS to keep me safe. Had I done so, I would have been in a lot of trouble.

As I learned to become more and more dependant upon the GPS, I lost my sense of direction. My rights became left and my lefts right.   Before GPS, I would remember landmarks and street names. Since GPS, I lost that ability or that side of my brain became frozen.

I use to drive long distances across country. One time on a trip from Arkansas back to Pennsylvania, I was using the GPS and it went black. I had programmed it to get me back to my home.  It was a dark road and late at night with limited traffic.  I was frantic!

I called one of my brother-in-laws  for assistance. I forgot I could have used roadside assistance.  Anyway, my brother-in-law got out of bed and got out his maps and begin to talk me down the highway until my GPS finally came back on.

ee57c2eb568a357dcbfd7f2f_1920I never traveled again using only GPS. I now carry as a backup, an old fashion map!

Due to the lack of adequate signs in the South, I am now using landmarks again. I remember trees, houses and just about anything that stands out.  Someone may give you directions by saying “go down yonder, and hand a left.”  I better understand the language because that is the GPS of rural America!

It may sound a bit crude, but at least my brain is engaged.

The New Appendage

An appendage is a term used to refer to our external body parts.  We are not a new human with our cell phones.

How many of us panic when we cannot locate our cell phones? How many times have you turned around to go back home or to the office because you left your cell phone behind? We are so use to having our phones with us that when we do not have it, it feels as though something is missing. We feel detached from the world.  We panic!

Why has this happened? How did it happen?

We were seduced into thinking we had it under control. We gladly spent our precious earned dollars to buy the latest phone or laptop and now we are sleeping with the enemy.  Our devices are rapidly becoming our number one external enemy.

We wake up on the phone, we go to sleep with the phones tuned into social media and we miss out on living life the way God intended.  We have become the machine. It is time to rethink our social schedules and begin enjoying everyday life by spending some time with people off line.

53TrPlan To Detach

Freedom begins with the realization that we are addicted.

I have been on dozens of interviews asking me the same questions:

* How has the digital world become an addiction within our society?

* Is excessive use becoming more common with every passing year?

* What are some ways people can remove themselves from technology?

* Are there any unwritten rules or limitations to use of technology?

We will take a closer look at each of these questions below:

1. How has the digital world become an addiction within our society

Everyone I know including my 86 year old dad has a cell phone.  People are are more attached to people online than they are to their next door neighbors.

Think about the last time you were out at a restaurant,  walk through the mall or sitting at the airport; how many people were on their phones?

With over 3 billion users in Facebook, most people spend more than than 100 million hours watching video on Facebook and 80 million users on Facebook Lite, there is no doubt we are using our devices.

The problem is no one ever taught us to use them wisely. We took off running with our phones and before we new it, we had a new normal.  A normal that included cell phones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices and readers.

2.Is excessive use of technology becoming more common with every passing year?

The answer is as more and more people enjoy the convenience of technology; the result is more and more addictive techies.

How many of us have left home for a drive to the store or a walk and forgot our phones only to turn around in a panic to get them? We felt at a loss and disconnect from our world with our cell phone.

Most people are too embarrassed or unaware of this addiction to admit this flaw.  Unless we admit we are attached to our devices we will probably not be free.  I have returned home far too many times to pick up my phone.  I thought this problem was only for everyone else, until I learned I too was a addicted to technology.

The data on how many people use cell phones cannot keep up with the number of people actually using the them.  With families having packages, and corporations having employee phones it is exploding!

In 2015 nearly two-thirds of Americans were noted to be on cell phones.

Most of Americans are talking electronically.  Families are sitting at the table chatting but not to each other. The conversations are mixed with Facebook, Twitter and texts.

Children are passed off to their gadgets rather than parental nurturing. Our babies are being lulled to sleep my some video on Youtube rather than mother’s soothing voice.  Where are you Mommie? Bedtime stories are now left to cartoons and unrealistic characters instead of mom and dad.

Parents have such a blessed responsibility to raise children with the nurture and love they deserve, but this cannot be done when technology spends more time with our children than we do. When the voice of online characters are more real than our own.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states children should not be exposed to technology before the age of 2 years.  We can walk through the marketplace and see babies holding a gadgets.  We assume something is good for our children simply because the commercials.

Parents are so busy providing for children, they sometimes forget the greatest gift you can give your child is your “time.”

3. What are some ways people can remove themselves from technology?

37TrThe critical thing to remember is to know when you are addicted.

Signs of tech addiction can include anything from sleeping with your phone, having it on all of the time even when you should turn it off, wearing your bluetooth to church, talking to your spouse on the phone when they are in the same house, calling your child when they are in another room, texting your friends during dinner time,  texting while talking to someone else (rude), and any others you might consider signs of tech addiction.

How do we detached from our gadgets? Is there therapy available?  Can we do some simple things to curve our addictive behavior?

One of the first things I recommend is to turn off your phone for at least one (1) hour per day.

Spend dinner time with your family and not with social media.  Consider this option of leaving  your phone at home when you are out with family. A good idea may be to choose one person to have a phone and leave the other’s behind.

Think of better ways to connect with the real people in your life everyday.  Be creative and develop a working plan to get your addiction to technology under control.




4. Are there any unwritten rules or limitations to use of technology?

You write the rules. You know your routine and your life.  You know what works for you and how available you need to be for work, and family. Make choices that provide space for human connectedness. Do it everyday.

Give yourself the gift of detaching from technology and rediscover the kind, loving and generous person God made you to be.







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