bible-with-sky-backgroundThe greatest book in the world teaches us that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Yet, many of us continue to rely upon our strength to move mountains. And, when mountains are moved we take the glory and the credit as if we had no help.

How many times do we have to hit those same walls, fall into those same old traps and pitfalls before we finally realize we can do nothing without God? He is the source of all life, health and strength.  There is no level of human intelligence that outweighs the cross of calvary.

Far too often I hear business people declare salvation, but in the same breath decide that they cannot speak of HIM in certain settings. I do not understand being embarrassed or bashful when it comes to Jesus and what He did for me.  It is a personal story, that I gladly make public.

I have seen far too many people pass away with only one thing on their mind, and that is “where am I going.” I watched my mom, my sister and others pass into the arms of Jesus with sweet assurance that Jesus would be the next face they would see.

It is for certain that we all will close our eyes here one day, and the most important thing we must know is where we will open them.

That being the said, where will you open your eyes?

curveball-001-480x360I realize life can throw you some “curve balls” that you must walk out. There are times you asked the questions and seem to get no answers. But, this one thing you can be sure of, God heard you in the beginning and He certainly hears you now.

When you feel you have tried everything and feel as though your life is not moving forward, it is now time to press forward with everything within you.  Press into the Word. Keep your Bible open before your face daily and read it aloud to get your mind on God and keep it there.

The other thing I like to tell people is to surround yourself with people who are clear about their course in life.  Amos 3:3 ” How can two walk together except they be agreed.” Find people who you admire, respect and appreciate and hold on to them. Do NOT let them get away! They will be your greatest fans and your honest critics.  They may not always agree with your methods, but they will support your willingness to grow.

Step back from a crisis and take a deep breath. Realize that the last storm you went through passed, and this one will to. Remember that storms do not come to last. they come to pass.

Read books that are geared toward your destiny and keep your eyes on the thing you want the most.  Do not listen to people who tell you “YOU CAN”T” find those who say “YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS YOU!”

I am sure there is much more I can write on this subject, but for now, let’s get you started by realizing you have got to push past your doubts and doubters and move into faith from within to allow God to show you how His Strength, His Wisdom, and His Power will work wonders for the man or woman who will dare believe.

Credit: Dr. Faye (DrFaye) Wilson, Author, Speaker,Radio and Television Talk Show Host.


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